Breaking Bad Season 5, Episode 15 – My thoughts…

Breaking Bad S5E15 Best Quality Vacuum

This was a good episode, but I suspect next weeks finale ( 😦 ) will be more awesome; we’ve caught up to the flash-forward now — Walt’s on his way back to Albuquerque to fetch the ricin and buy a fuck-off big gun having spent months in isolation in a cabin in New Hampshire.

Breaking Bad S5E15 Walt leaving the cabin

Whilst in the cabin, Walt has nothing left to live for — he’s lonely, and so desperate for company he’ll offer anything for an hours more time with someone else. It’s the realisation that he’ll die soon that wakes him from this, and sends him on a long trip back home to get the revenge he wanted before leaving. Also adding fuel to the fire is another hit to his pride from Gretchen & Elliott, who claimed his contribution to the company was nothing more than coming up with the name Gray Matter.
Definitely looking forward to seeing the final showdown next week, but I’m now convinced Walt isn’t going to make it out alive. It’s what we should want, after all, since he’s been such a bastard, but there’s of course some attachment since he’s the main character in this awesome show we’ve been watching for years now.

Breaking Bad S5E15 Jesse caught escapingI guess the showdown next week will allow Jesse to escape, but he’s lost Andrea now — perhaps a happy-ish ending is still possible for him with Brock — but he might start spiralling again. Potentially killing Walt would make him feel better, ironically.

Until next week! One hour or so left!


I loved the vacuum repair shop being real, and the twist that we were following Saul there instead of Walt. Saul is truly amazing, and I guess we know why his spin-off show will be set before Breaking Bad now; no more Saul Goodman, criminal lawyer.

Todd and Lydia. Haha.

Incidentally I ended up watching this episode live (first time I’ve ever seen one live), in a bar in Brooklyn — it’s quite interesting watching with a crowd.

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