Lost Season 5, Episode 16/17 (Finale, Parts 1 & 2) – My thoughts…

WOW. Jacob S05E16If you haven’t seen it, Spoilers follow

Certainly an episode that I need to watch again in order to have lots more stuff to say…. but… HOLY SHIT.

The bomb went off!!! Probably, I mean, that’s what the ending implied, and I suspect that is what happened there. Very VERY difficult to see what’s gonna happen in the last and final season 😦 of Lost which will grace us with its presence in 2010 😦 It’s a pretty long wait.

So, Juliet’s dead…. and well, everyone else in the 70’s too??? I really have no idea.Kate Juliet S05E17

My reaction to finding out what was in the box – Locke – was “Fuuuuuuck”. What does that mean!! How is that dude from the beginning in Locke’s body!?

Speaking of that dude, who was that!? Why does he want to kill Jacob?

Following on from that. Jacob! He’s seen a lot of the Oceanic folk…. though I wonder why Juliet’s flashback was shown and there wasn’t any Jacob there… it’s a little weird.

There was a couple reminders of Charlie in that episode — the Drive Shaft ring and his guitar which Jacob somehow had. Nice that he’s still remembered.

There’s already a teaser trailer for the next season, but it definitely lives up to the title of teaser. It’s just a reminder of how long you have to wait until the next episode at the moment.

A finale without Desmond… It feels kinda weird, to be honest, but I had been thinking that it didn’t seem as though there would be any reason to have him in it and, well, I guess that’s what the writers thought too. Sadface.

An episode with far, far more questions than answers… But that, in a way is what makes Lost. Even with around 16 episodes left they’re still throwing questions at us. Clearly some will be left unanswered but oh well.

Rose & Bernard. Nice to see them, but it also felt a little unnecessary. And I hope it wasn’t just me who thought on sight of Bernard “He’s gone Cast-Away”. [a la Tom Hanks].

That phrase that Richard responded to “What lies in the shadow of the statue?” has been translated to this: “He who will protect/save us all.” Good to know.

There’s a fairly good chance that after I’ve watched this episode again I’ll edit this with anything else I think of or make another post.

Other than that though, these posts will surely resume at that unannounced date, early next year. Farewell, Lost.


“Dude, What happened to your face!?” 🙂

I liked the bit where Miles pointed out that they may end up being the cause of the incident. It’s amusing that none of them considered that.

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