Breaking Bad Season 5, Episode 14 – My thoughts…

Breaking Bad S5E14 - Flashback to the first cook

Well. That happened. Hank’s gone (Gomie too). I thought Jesse as well, for a few seconds there, but he’s needed to improve the pureness of the product behind all this mess.

Breaking Bad S5E14 - Walt Jr protecting Skyler

Walt’s left with a mere $11 million instead of his whopping $80 million, but he’s lucky to have even that. Ultimately though, he’s lost the war. Lost his reputation, family, money. There’s nothing left.
Walt Jr. knows the bastard he is now, and, in one of the characters only substantial moments (unless you count breakfast), he protects Skyler from his father the monster.

Walt’s call attempts to shift any blame off of Skyler onto him; his family is the only thing left to protect, but they don’t want anything to do with him anymore.

So, at the end Walt leaves his old life behind — reluctantly, he’s not taking his family with him — it still must be a while before he comes back to the house to retrieve the ricin; he has to grow a lot of hair back, and the house has to be destroyed…. I wonder what he gets up to in the weeks/months that are, so-far, unaccounted for.

Breaking Bad S5E14 - Walt's emotional phonecall

“I’ve still got things left to do”

Surely his plan now is to get revenge on Jack et al, largely for being the last straw in breaking his family down, and partly because of the money. Jesse’s gonna have some part to play in this though, perhaps Walt will change his mind a bit on him?

It’s absolutely bonkers that there’s only 2 episodes left now… yet again, I’m wondering where we’re headed next week. So far, this has been a seriously awesome wrap up to an amazing show.


Random other bits:

I’m surprised Walt felt the need to tell Jesse about watching Jane die. What an absolute prick.
On-screen, Walt spends a lot of time on the phone.

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