Lost Season 6, Episode 6 – My thoughts…

Pretty good episode…. with a rather standard dose of Lost-weirdness.

Despite being called “Sundown”, this episode was a Sayid-centric episode and the episode name was of course referring to the fact that the everyone at the temple had to make a decision by sundown. A lot of them chose to stay and got fucked up by the smoke monster.

It was quite difficult in the beginning of the episode to place which side Sayid was on; clearly though, he’s on the dark side with Mocke, and apparently, Kate too. It was quite weird that he tried to kill Locke though, had the darkness not grown enough by that point?

There wasn’t a great deal of questions brought up in this episode, its purpose seemed to be simply for us to see the temple get attacked, something they’ve been telling us would happen for a while now. Still, I’m not sure that everyone will be happy with the sides they’ve chosen (or forced into). It’s likely that those with Mocke will not be rewarded by getting off the island or getting whatever they want most.

Keamy was back for a little while in the alternate timeline and he has Jin in a freezer for some reason… Hmm.

I suppose island-Jin is still in Claire’s shack or limping around somewhere, but I wonder where Sawyer is? Last time we saw him he was in the cave with the names and it seemed he had also joined the ‘dark’ side.

Meanwhile, Ben, Lapidus, Ilana and Sun come to the temple to rescue people like Jack & Hurley; neither of whom are there so they settle for Miles and go hide in some hidden section of the temple.

Next weeks episode is called “Dr. Linus”… and if that isn’t a Ben-centric episode I’ll find one of those metaphorical hats and eat it.


Ben looked genuinely afraid when he backed away from Sayid 😀

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