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iTunes 8.1 – ‘iTunes DJ’ iPod touch and iPhone integration

I just upgraded to the latest version of iTunes (version 8.1) and I can’t really comment on whether it’s any faster as it wasn’t that slow for me in the first place. Supposedly it improves the speed for people with … Continue reading

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iPhone 3G unlock – yellowsn0w – My experience

Since the 3G iPhone came out in July (’08), people have been waiting for an unlock. On new years day, the iPhone-dev-team released one… Many reports I’ve seen suggest that people aren’t having any luck with the unlock. This was … Continue reading

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iPhone 3G – The drop test

Wasn’t something I was intending to do but I have now dropped my 3G iPhone and it still works! Yay. Dropped it from the height of around 1 metre whilst *slightly ;)* drunk. To be honest I was surprised that … Continue reading

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iPhone to iPhone 3G – Was it worth it?

So, I, like many others have had my iPhone 3G for about a month and a half now….. I think that’s long enough to decide whether the upgrade was worthwhile – was it worth the money? oh no, that isn’t … Continue reading

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iPhone 2.1 Jailbreak – now worthwhile

…. At least, I think it’s worthwhile – there are a lot more applications available now compared with when the first jailbreak was available & Installer is available (though it’s a beta version and the majority of good applications are … Continue reading

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Bungie can[not] haz iPhone

Just been linked to the Bungie webcam page by Clarkson and with today being the release day for the iPhone 3G, Bungie applied their sense of humour to things: I on the other hand cannot has iPhone until next week … Continue reading

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Very badly handled, O2……

So, I woke at about 11 o’ clock this morning to find a text on my phone from O2 telling me that the iPhone pre-ordering process began at 8am this morning! Seems like good news, right? Wrong. Very very wrong….. … Continue reading

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A new iTunes version coming soon…..

The requirements for the iPhone 3G list iTunes 7.7 as a requirement. I sincerely hope that it is a release that provides some fixes rather than just an upgrade to support the new phone. For as long as I can … Continue reading

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Good luck, smartphones. The better, cheaper iPhone lands July 11th with 3G & GPS…

Apple finally revealed the iPhone 3g! Software is the same but it has 3G Data Speeds GPS (which also combines cell-tower and WiFi positioning from before) Awesome battery life (see pic below) A very good price I think the phone … Continue reading

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