Some thoughts on ‘Dollhouse’

Yeah, I know I’m writing this after the show has already been cancelled (and after all the episodes have shown); but having watched all the episodes, I have a good vantage point to give an overall opinion on Dollhouse.

Initially, Dollhouse starts out fairly slow, it took a few lot of episodes for me to become genuinely interested in the show; in fact, I only recall enjoying episodes towards the end of the first season. I can’t say what made me choose to persevere with Dollhouse, however, I’m glad I did.

Season 2 was amazing! I just watched the show-finale a few minutes ago and it was brilliant.

Throughout the majority of the second season, the “actives” have more permanent characters and Topher becomes more awesome than before.
These factors allowed me to finally become attached to the show as a whole and, as I’ve tweeted before, it made me realise how much potential the show could have had if it hadn’t spent a great deal of the first season dawdling around.

Never the less though, Dollhouse did get cancelled, but fortunately its fate was known far enough in advance for them to write a conclusion to almost everything and wow, was it a good conclusion.

To sum up then, Dollhouse is…. well, frankly, rather difficult to sum up… I already realise that being a fan of other Joss Whedon shows would probably influence your opinion of the show, but I am yet to see any of his other shows.

So, if someone were to ask me whether I would recommend they watch Dollhouse now, I think I would definitely tell them to go for it; as long as they persevere through the slow beginning to the all-important first season, they would be rewarded with a pretty good overall-plot throughout the second season.


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