This whole writing a blog thing…..

Its damned difficult.

On this, my second attempt to write an ‘introductory’ post, I still find myself with absolutely nothing to say. Thus I will just go over the reasons as to why I have created this blog:

  • Clarkson (who is he? I’ll go into that in a minute) made one
  • I was bored & figured it may be interesting

Clarkson / Clarky / …. (even he doesn’t know what his name is LOL) is my best friend and if I could explain why, I would, but I feel that he has already done an excellent job of it over at his blog + who the f*** needs to explain why someone is their best friend! [/random rambling]

As for who I am – I am Josh & I’m relatively proud to say that I am a geek 🙂

I suspect that I will just end up using this blog to post about funny things or even more sadly my thoughts / a review of something that I saw recently.

About Josh Anderson

Blogger, Lost fanatic, RHUL Comp Sci student, geek. 
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1 Response to This whole writing a blog thing…..

  1. This is all honest and Josh like. I know that doesn’t make sense but it means I likey very much. 🙂

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