Traffic Lights / Government – its a conspiracy I tells ya…

Once upon a time a good while ago now traffic lights in the UK only used to go red when someone had pressed the button (the pedestrian crossing one’s) but now, all of them have a period of time set that means all the lights are red and everyone is waiting for NO-ONE to cross the road.

For instance – every day that I cycle to college a set of traffic lights in Chertsey (the pedestrian crossing type) turns red at the exact time I approach them which must of course be the work of sods law, but anyway, I don’t stop – common sense yet again seems to have gone out of the window.

This in my opinion is another way for the bloody government to create more traffic and annoy drivers everywhere – I guess that their reason for doing this is to discourage people from driving and encourage them to use public transport. The thing is though – if it worked the whole country would be screwed since our public transport is fucking awful – trains are expensive and are frequently delayed in many cases due to what appears to be bullshit such as “There are leaves on the line” Eye-rolling and then there’s always the strikes – which are strategically placed just to fuck everyone off. As for the buses – lets just say it wouldn’t be anyone’s choice to get to college on time from where I live. Thus, I cycle for what now seems to be most of the time… at least it’s ‘green’ I suppose *sigh*


footnote: it seems this post is completely pointless (even to me) yet I am still going to upload it… oh well. Maybe something more interesting soon (one can hope)

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