Just give them more money!

This post has been sitting in Windows Live Writer for ages now so I figure I will upload it in order to get that Christmas poo moving on down…:

The American TV show writers have been on strike for a good while now and its kinda annoying since they (indirectly I suppose since I am on their side) screwing up all the series’ that are starting in the 07-08 season e.g. Lost, 24 (which has been postponed to 08-09 :sadface:), Heroes, Scrubs, My Name is Earl….. and many others.

As the title suggests – I think they deserve more money for what they do – it is them after all that create the whole show and without them there wouldn’t be such brilliant shows. Some of their recent demands however seem rather ludicrous to me for example, I read somewhere recently that they want people to pay as much for downloading TV shows from the Internet as they do for buying the DVD box set – In my opinion this is just silly as the whole point of downloading TV shows from the internet was because it is cheaper – if they got their way why would anyone download their TV shows (legally!)? You may as well just go and get the DVD set and it would surely push more people to download things illegally. And… What does it have to do with them – they write the show and shouldn’t really have anything to do with how the show is distributed or how much it costs – it seems to me that they are trying to push since they think they are worth too much to the network. This has happened before – at some point in the US all the radio traffic controllers (in one state I think) went on strike over something – rather than negotiating with them, the company just got rid of all of them and hired a whole new workforce. Somewhat crazy in my opinion… but I suppose it gets the job done, rather than f*cking around with people.

Edit: as someone in the comments says…. It was Ronald Reagan that fired all the air traffic controllers.

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2 Responses to Just give them more money!

  1. kip says:

    I am so sorry that your psychiatrist has taken you off your medication.
    And by the way, it was Ronald Reagan, who in 1981 fired ALL the air-traffic controllers in the whole damn COUNTRY.

  2. Josh says:

    SORRY! you seem to have exposed a giant gaping hole in my knowledge about 1981….. Seeing as I wasn’t born then and I live in the UK I should of course be able to resite exact details about such things on request.

    JEEZ – do I need a waiver to say that everything I say might be completely wrong? I am fully aware of that fact. I don’t have the time or the patience to look up every thing I blog about – even if it is very little.
    Thanks though… I will edit my post to correct it.

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