Lost Season 4 Premiere – My thoughts :D

Simply put: wow. It definitely didn’t disappoint.

Charlie - they need you

Obviously – Some spoilers follow.

A very enjoyable 42 minutes, but as usual with Lost – filled with more questions than answers.

Hurley flashbacksforwards were unexpected – I thought it would be Locke or Jack or someone like that. Some very emotional stuff back on the island – remembering Charlie’s life in a rather nice way.

What was more interesting regarding Charlie was that he was bloody there with Hurley in his new mental home and the other guy there saw him too! It was also Charlie that resulted in the car chase at the beginning of the episode (which I never would have thought was Hurley – I really thought it would be Sawyer actually).

Interesting that Hurley regretted going with Locke (or was it just that he was only saying that because he was talking to Jack??) And what the hell is he keeping secret that Jack was afraid he would spill? All very intriguing stuff.

Oh…. and it wants us back? I presume Hurley is referring to the island – he’s suggesting that it was responsible for Charlie appearing – encouraging him to return to the island. It seems that there is at least 2 of the ‘Oceanic 6’ (Hurley, Kate, Jack….. and who else!? My guess is that Sawyer is the ‘he’ Kate spoke of in the finale of season 3) that got home who wants to go back to the island now…..


“Are they still alive?” asks the Attorney for Oceanic Airlines…. hmmm

Eagerly awaiting the next episode…. Nerd

EDIT: Having just flicked through the episode again, I rewatched the Hurley – Jacob scene…. It looked to me like Jacob was Christian Shephard! (Jack’s dad). I took a screenshot and messed with the brightness / contrast (Click it for a bigger version):

Jacob = Christian Shephard?

Another version (and someone else who thinks its him!) here: Click

This is interesting too: The last Lost mobisode

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4 Responses to Lost Season 4 Premiere – My thoughts :D

  1. Clarkykestrel says:

    Just watched the episode.

    I think the secret that Hurley is keeping is that there are still people alive on the island, this also links in with what the “attorney” said.

    My prediction for the “Oceanic 6” is of course Jack, Kate and Hurley I believe two of the others are Claire and Aaron. I think this becase in Desmonds visioon he saw these two get on a helicopter and get rescued due to Charlie’s sacrafice. I think the other one could be Sawyer but I think it leaves it open for a twist to be someone different.

    Assuming the coffin from the end of series 3 holds the body of one of the “Oceanic 6” which one will it be?

  2. Josh says:

    I don’t think the coffin contained one of the Oceanic 6…. Since the 6 who were rescued seem to be somewhat famous… I don’t think that no-one would turn up at their funeral if that was the case.

    I noticed from the beginning of the episode that Harold Perrineau (Michael) was listed for that episode….. Was he in it then?! I certainly didn’t see him.

  3. ryan says:

    that is jacks dad…its supposed to be him haha its not supposed to be jacob in that scene.

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