Lost Season 4, Episode 3 – My Thoughts

Holy lovingly-caress…….That was amazing – and primarily due to the off island action.

spoilers follow


So… Sayid is one of the Oceanic 6 – now we know its Kate, Jack, Hurley & Sayid…..2 more to be discovered.

What an ending – it was great. And the beginning was pretty good too…. I really didn’t expect him to kill that dude.

But, more importantly HE IS NOW WORKING FOR BEN!!!!!!! as a murderer OMGWTFPOLAR!?

sooo, who the hell is Ben? Why does he have so many different passports and different currencies hidden away? Who is that girl’s boss? and the others on the list? why does he want them dead? why is Sayid doing it??

All very interesting stuff….. but still more bloody questions.

Nice to see that some people have their priorities right too – Sawyer doesn’t have anything to go back for and he is sensibly not wanting to leave the island…. Perhaps he isn’t one of the 6

I’m sure that I missed loads of stuff from that episode so will have to watch again soon 🙂 (not that I need another excuse)

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