Is there a pattern emerging here?

So, WordPress lacks the ability to have subtitles *sigh*: Lost Season 4 Episode 4 – My Thoughts

I am, as usual, referring to Lost. [whilst sitting here procrastinating]                                  ghostbuster dude w/ grenade

The premiere of season 4 was great and I posted about it, episode 2 was OK….. nothing special (though better than 4) and 3 brought back the awesomeness again….. but 4 – I didn’t like it. It felt like a filler episode.

Some spoilers follow for those that haven’t seen episode 4

Yes, there was some more questions posed (AS BLOODY USUAL! but if you want answers, go watch something else). OK, so it appears that Kate now has Claire’s baby…. slightly unexpected[and I shall not claim to have seen it coming because I didn’t], but not really an amazing twist in the story, nothing like Sayid now working for Ben I-MO.

But, other than that I thought the rest of the episode was completely pointless. Why did Kate have to ask Ghostbuster dude whether he knew who she was in that manner? They just spent a bloody while walking across the island together during which time it would have been much more sensible for her to ask!

But, of course it was just a way to get the two together so he could ask Ben(ry image) for 3.2 million dollars. Which, was slightly strange and the fact that Ben commented on it was appreciated. However, he didn’t seem outraged by that request so it seems that he is able to comply. Which adds to the question of who is Ben really??

So, are we to expect a good episode next week? If the pattern continues, yes. I really hope it is. Hopefully we get to find out what happened to Desmond and Sayid…. And maybe, just maybe we’ll find out who Ben’s spy is on the boat – – as the writers seem to think its important by making lots of people ask Ben who it is on screen. [I personally don’t see what difference it makes to them – he could just reply its Steve…] So, clearly the spy is important Michael perhaps? Since he has been credited for this season which in itself was quite a spoiler 😦

Anywho, really ought to be doing some work…

But, I won’t end up doing any.


Incidentally, I could just go look up that guy’s name, but I’d rather call him Ghostbuster dude, y’all know who I’m talking about.

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