Lost Season 4, Episode 6 – My thoughts

Having seen some trailers for this episode on Sky One, I thought that this may be the episode that would break the pattern I felt Lost had fallen into. If it were to have followed the pattern, this should have been a fillerey episode; which, although good (as most Lost’s are) had no real point. Well, episode 6 did break the pattern – it was quite a good episode actually – but not as good as The Constant.

Juliet - The Other Woman

So, this episode was about Juliet and, it was a flash-back.

Another episode, another poke from the Lost producers / writers in an attempt to make you ask “Who is Ben’s man on the boat?” It is now feeling as though we won’t find out until the finale / mini-finale-cliffhanger episode (that’s number 8…) I’d like to think that it isn’t Michael, but as the season goes on, it does seem likely that it is going to be him [especially since Harold Perrineau’s name has shown up at the beginning of every episode so far this season [some silly contractual issue that is, in a way a spoiler]]. Though, with Lost, there is always a twist – perhaps it is too obvious for it to be him? Surely the majority of people are thinking that it is Michael.

Anyhoo… Widmore just got a little more interesting – How does he know about the island? And presumably Ben too. Did he know that Desmond would end up on the island, or is that another coincidence? [I’m inclined to think the latter]

The fact that Jacket / Jackilet / Jack & Juliet both saw the Psychiatrist woman in the jungle is pretty weird – was Ben really the one who sent this ‘message’?

The flashbacks in this episode didn’t seem to serve that big of a purpose except for the fact that Juliet is Ben’s…[?] Perhaps he will kill Jack at some point in the future… lol.

Lots more questions as usual, but I do hope some more get answered.


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4 Responses to Lost Season 4, Episode 6 – My thoughts

  1. Clarkykestrel says:

    I here by qoute the contents of an MSN conversation of late.

    “I want there to be a a geeky lost episode now where they all use LOL and Benry calls Juliet a MILF, and there are Jears and Hurley can talk just as normal.”

    “And Locke can speak in CAPSLOCKE”

    “and someone can follow Sayid around and say “powned” after every awesome attack.”

    Sorry if you don’t find this funny, maybe you had to be there, or maybe you are just gay.

  2. Chloe says:

    It made me ROFL when Ben said, “Juliet, you are mine” I wish juliet would just hook up with ben cause i LOVE HIM! xD

    He is one of my favourite characters. ❤

  3. Josh says:

    lol, It doesn’t seem likely that Juliet will end up with Ben; she seems to hate him!

    Maybe Juliet & Jack will end up together seeing as him & Kate didn’t seem to work out that well.

    That’s presuming they make it back to the island and everyone there is still alive!

    6 days!!! 😀

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