Lost Season 4, Episode 11 – My thoughts…

Overall, this was a pretty good episode with lots of mind fuckery.

Locke @ Jacob\'s Cabin

Spoilers follow if you haven’t seen it….

So, Jacob wants to move the island…!?!?!?

Without realising it was true, I kinda got the feeling that this was a pre-finale episode since it had the feeling that it was setting up for something big to happen and there was a small segment of their finale music.

So, this coming week it’s the first part of the three hour finale followed by nothing and then the 2 hour season conclusion the week afterwards. I don’t know whether to be happy or sad about that *shrug*

The Christian Shephard thing got a lot more interesting this episode – not that it wasn’t more prevalent in the previous episode; I just couldn’t be bothered to write about that episode.

What was with Claire just sitting there in Jacobs’ cabin with Christian – it was really creepy. Is she dead? It doesn’t seem like here to leave her baby. This is clearly setting up the story that will result in Aaron getting off the island with Kate.

The fact that Richard showed up twice during the early parts of Locke’s life is very interesting — how did they know Locke was a person of interest? Because he survived at such a young age and then an 8 story fall?

He’s always the same age! WHAT THE HELL!?

I genuinly expected to see Abaddon (the ‘orderly’ with Locke who has some weird connections) in Jacob’s cabin when he said about how when they run into each other again; Locke’ll owe him one.

It’s weird that it now appears as though Locke was selected from the beginning (of his life) and that they knew his plane was going to crash on the island.

Very confusing stuff. But also awesome stuff.

I thought Sayid going back to the island would be when the Oceanic 6 were going to get back to the boat; but at the moment, they’re not all in the same place!

Also, I wonder what will happen to Desmond — understandably, he doesn’t want to go back to the island…. but what happens to him? Does he get back to the real world or does he [reluctantly] go back to the island? He wouldn’t be counted as an Oceanic member & therefore wouldn’t get much publicity — perhaps he too is off the island with the 6?


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