Some interesting things from this week’s Bungie Update

Future Tense

As a reader, I can only imagine just how frustrating it is to not have any new information just yet. Rest assured, dear vengeful, hypertense reader many things are in motion. Many things. These numerous things include the following:

  • Major changes to the Halo 3 Online experience
  • Sweet Announcements
  • Poignant Clarifications
  • Certain-point-of-view Truths
  • Things you will love
  • Things you will argue about
  • Things you will make angry videos about

Also a pretty funny comment from Frankie in the discussion thread:

Nice to see that he is still around and paying attention to Bungie.

And a comment from the Superintendant(!) who, if you look here comments on quite a few popular threads:

I wonder what the ‘Major changes’ to Halo 3 online will be though?

Can we haz ann0uncemen7?


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