Microsoft / Xbox Keynote at Tokyo Games show tomorrow – Something Halo this way comes?

Microsoft for the first time is keynoting at the Tokyo Games show which kicks off this Thursday and finishes on Sunday….

Will we be graced by the reveal of what ‘Halo 3 Prepare To Drop’ is? Click here to see what we know so far (it’s just a trailer, an awesome trailer.)

Well, there have been a couple hints that we might do:

  • “Tokyo Rules” mentioned in one of the Super Intendant’s news posts on
  • “Prepare to J-Pop” Sound familiar? No? Could be a reference to Prepare to Drop from the trailer. And, from the same source: “Brian and Luke are, as you read this, witnessing the marvel that is the beautiful city of Tokyo.” From last week’s Bungie update.

Also, generally speaking, a keynote at a gaming show implies that there is stuff to show off; hopefully this ‘new Halo 3 campaign experience’ is one of those things.

The keynote starts at 12:00PM Tokyo time. If you want to find out when that is in your time zone, click here.


Edit: I was right; Look here

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