iPhone 3G unlock – yellowsn0w – My experience

Since the 3G iPhone came out in July (’08), people have been waiting for an unlock.yellowsn0w in Cydia. I installed in Installer, but Cydia gave a better screenshot ;)
On new years day, the iPhone-dev-team released one…

Many reports I’ve seen suggest that people aren’t having any luck with the unlock. This was part of my reason for testing it; the other part is that when I go abroad, I would like my iPhone to be as useful as it is at home. Doing that with my O2 SIM would cost a literal fortune.

So, I tested yellowsn0w with a Vodafone & a Virgin Mobile SIM. I installed it with Installer, not Cydia if that makes any difference.
Initially it didn’t look promising with the phone just saying “No service”. Rebooting it one more time fixed the problem and everything worked fine.

With my testing done and there being no need for me to have it whilst at home, I uninstalled it. Hopefully it will work out as well when I go away and all I’ll have to get is a pay as you go SIM from whatever country.

Thanks, dev-team.


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2 Responses to iPhone 3G unlock – yellowsn0w – My experience

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  2. Nash says:

    To get Web and E-mail working with Virgin Mobile, be sure to install the “APN Editing” module in Cydia to enable this setting in your Settings menu (ONLY if it’s not already enabled!). You can also browse to the APN Changer web utility right on your iPhone: http://www.unlockit.co.nz/unlockit/. Then enter goto.virginmobile.uk as the APN name, no username or password.

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