Lost Season 5, Episode 8 – My thoughts…

Spoilers follow if you haven’t seen it yet

This was a much slower, character building, back-story filling episode. Appreciatively, this is not a bad thing, but it means I have to put more thought into writing this post rather than just writing questions that have occurred to me whilst watching [how inconvenient :P]…

Oh and before I get started I should mention that there isn’t an episode on next week — see the counter on the right for how many days till your next Lost fix —->

The way this episode started was cool. It was a very efficient way of switching between the previously and the actual episode that made it immediately clear where the episode was going to start.

Was the statue that they saw during their brief time flash the 4 toed statue from Season 2? It was certainly careful to not reveal anything about the ancient history of the island — though I really do hope we get to find out something more about it in the future (or rather the past…).

After that, there’s another time flash — this time caused by Locke putting the wheel back on its axis and stopping the time flashes for the foreseeable future.

Turns out, we’re in 1974.

Oh and Hai, Michelle from 24. Watch out for people also out to kill David Palmer in the future [p.s. Charles Logan’s behind it all!]


Anywho…. back on topic.

To be honest there isn’t a great deal more to say — Richard walking into their camp Locke style was pretty cool.

And the end of the episode suggests that the love quadrangle isn’t as sorted as this episode may have implied — not that I thought it would be.

Which island / time zone are Sun and Sayid on / in? and for that matter, Lock & Ben…?

Overall, it was a nice episode in which not a great deal happened. I’m hoping for a more exciting episode in two weeks time.


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