Lost, The Final Episode – My thoughts…

Well, it’s all over. I’ll certainly miss it.

I really enjoyed the end. I think it resolved stuff pretty well. Sure, it didn’t give answers to many of the, uh, many questions people have, but ultimately that isn’t what Lost was about.
It was, of course, about the characters. Those characters that we’ve come to know and love over the last 6 years (ok, and perhaps hate… :P) I think it was a pretty good resolution for all of them.

Jack died, and the show ended on a scene very similar to the very first one. But, everyone died… after however long. They didn’t die as a result of the plane crash or the bomb, but of individual reasons, some of which we witnessed; and once they did, they met up in the sideways world, with the realization of their lives. That’s my take at least. Though I’m not sure whether the sideways world actually happened of if it was part of the ‘afterwords’ bit.
As for why Ben didn’t want to go into the church? He was aware, but not ready? Perhaps he’s gonna spend some more time with Alex.
I think ultimately Ben ended up being a good guy. Hurley was grateful for his help as number 2, and he didn’t go on as big a killing spree as the last episode suggested he might.

Something about the fight between Locke and Jack reminded me of the fight between Anakin and Obi-Wan in episode 3. It was a pretty epic fight & Kate getting to finish the job was rather appropriate somehow. It also explained the mark on Jack’s neck; I thought that would come up since it came up in last weeks episode again.

There were lots of bits in this episode that made me laugh. Hurley, as usual, was behind a couple, but the conversation between Mocke & Jack was pretty funny.

“That’s kinda true dude, he’s worse than Yoda” – Hurley

“What was that?” – Sayid… “That was Charlie” – Hurley

“I don’t believe in a lotta things but I do believe in duck tape” – Miles

So, Richard is no longer immortal, Lapedus is alive, Hurley’s the newest Jacob and ol’ Smokey is gone. Not forgetting Ben who seemed rather pleased with being asked for help with the island.

Well, I’ll leave it at that for now. Here’s hoping something lives up to Lost someday. Until then, there’s Fringe, which is pretty damn good if you ask me. Oh, and you should watch this video and perhaps this one too. Just incase you haven’t yet realised what it’s gonna be like without Lost. 😛

I kid… kinda


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3 Responses to Lost, The Final Episode – My thoughts…

  1. clarkykestrel says:

    Dude. WTF are you gonna do with your blog now?


    I was so expecting a disappointment with the ending, but I feel quite happy with it. That being said, it probably says something about me, but I thought this had the most unbelievable Lost concept, that of an afterlife.

    My guess on Ben staying is that he still feels he needs to atone before “moving on”, or something or the like. Doesn’t really explain why Faraday Widmore (plus others that I can’t currently remember) need to move on.

    Seemed to me the bit when they make a comment about it being a nightmare to get Sharon back from Australia was a bit of cast/crew joke, because didn’t they have trouble getting her to appear in the show again.

    Anyway, rather pleased with it I was. 🙂

    • Josh says:

      Yeah, I was pretty satisfied with it. It was quite moving and powerful.

      They quite clearly mocked themselves with the thing about Kate and how she’d always follow whoever it was even if they didn’t want her to, so I wouldn’t put it past them mentioning the difficulties getting Shannon back. I didn’t expect to see her again. Most of the people returning I’d read about at some point.

      I guess that could be right about Ben; in the end it does seem as though he was edging on ‘good’ but he certainly did some bad shit along the way.

      As for the blog, there’ll be the odd techy post but as for a good stream of content on something I have no idea. I welcome suggestions [which I will promptly dismiss, most likely] 😉


  2. Haha, this was a random blog I found while searchign for DHARMA labels to pimp out my pantry 😛

    But anyway, I believe Ben was always good, he just didn’t realize it.

    And I love that Sayid, and Hurley quote, I laughed so hard at that I fell off my bed xD

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