Lost Season 5, Episode 15 – My thoughts…

Well. I think ‘hmmmmm’ about sums it up.Richard S05E15
Spoilers follow if you haven’t seen it

As I expected, this episode definitely had that penultimate / finale lead up kinda mood going on. The finale music score even showed up towards the end.

It looks as though…. Well, I’m not entirely sure how to end that sentence. I don’t read spoilers; it’s much better when you don’t, and therefore I have no idea what is going to happen in next week’s (yes, next week’s [lostpedia was wrong! yay]) finale – “The Incident”.
It’s your standard 2 hour season finale and presumably Jack, Elouise, Richard and Sayid are gonna try and detonate the H-Bomb…
And Locke, for reasons I cannot comprehend at this moment, is off to see Jacob. So he can kill him.Jack Richard S05E15

Pretty odd, really. As for Juliet & Sawyer; well, it wouldn’t be Lost if there wasn’t some kind of love-triangle/quadrangle/shape going on. So, Kate gets thrown on the sub too.

Of course, those two hours next week will not be long enough…. And we’ll be left hanging; over a cliff, if you must, for many months until the last and final season of Lost comes on next year. Hmph.

So. Will the H-bomb be set off? And the whole storyline be reset to 2004 with them all still on the plane? Will they all die? I don’t think that’s too likely, even though Richard said he watched them all die…. Very difficult to say.

Anywho…. A mere few days until the finale, so until then I’ll leave you to your own predictions. I’ll certainly be writing a post about next week’s episode, that’s for sure.


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