Lost Season 6, Episode 7 – My thoughts…

Back to the beach in this week’s episode…

Yay, I don’t have to eat a metaphorical-hat — this episode was Ben related 😛

So… Ben and his father went to the island with the DI and came back again! I wonder why?

Alterna-Ben was clearly a complete opposite to the Ben we know. He put Alex before himself! [or Jacob/The Island, whatever he justified it off to].

Locke wants Ben to take over as leader of the island then… I assume that would infact be him taking over the Man in Black position as opposition to Jacob?

Either way, he’s not having it and is happy to be accepted back with Ilana, who I never expected to forgive him. Michael Emerson performed awesomely in that confession scene. He’s very enjoyable to watch.

WIDMORE! Next week should be interesting.

Jack is suddenly the man of faith. I suppose Jacob succeeded in his mission to let him know how important he is then.


“You a Cyborg?

Vampire?” 😀 I note that all the quotes I’ve remembered recently have been from Hurley.

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