Things I’d like changed in Halo: Reach, based on the beta

  1. Y button to open friends list whilst searching for a game. I mean, come on! Bungie’s conditioned us to do that for 3 games now! In the beta it brings up that pointless menu to switch the Active Roster to showing your friends & party or just your party; and whilst searching it doesn’t do anything!
  2. Active Roster / Player list in pre-game lobby to show players callsigns.
  3. Active Roster – include section at bottom for friends not playing Reach?
  4. Less annoyance from the commentator-voice when some jerk is jumping & throwing the flag [/other stuff it mentions]. Already fixed 🙂
  5. Something else as awesome as Headhunter; I know there’s already team Headhunter that just didn’t make it to the beta, but it’s easily the best new gametype and it’s brilliant fun.
  6. A noise to prompt you that voting has begun. You’re not always just looking at the screen… there’s the guide, start menu etc.
  7. Bungie Favorites?

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