Lost Season 4, Episode 8 – My Thoughts

Well, that waaaaaaaaaaallt waaaaas pretty good.


Spoilers follow if you haven’t seen it yet…

So…. there certainly is a cliffhanger. Did Ben know that would happen to Rousseau, Alex and Karl. I don’t think so. So who shot the two of them and could shoot Alex? Could it be the freighters who have returned to the island on the helicopter…. Who knows.

Tom’s gay. I think we knew that since whenever he said to Kate “You’re not my type”.

And the island is keeping Michael [and presumably Jack, now I think about it] alive using its mysterious, gun-jamming powers. Michael’s back story was pretty interesting. Did he survive getting run over in the past in order to get to the island? [or is that too detailed of an explanation? perhaps it was just so he could have a backstory… :)]

Was Sayid doing the right thing turning in Michael to the captain? Probably not I-MO, Widmore now seems worse than Ben(ry).

And, speaking of Widmore, the logistics of faking a plane crash must be horrible – how come no-one has found the paper trail of that plane he bought? Presumably Ben prefers it that way too – it is better for the public to think that the plane lies at the bottom of an ocean rather than it being missing – it prevents more people from looking for it.

Well, I think that’s all that was interesting from that episode.


Happy Easter btw.

Only 32 / 33 / 35 days from today until the next episode (depending on how you watch it).

*Goes to look for trailer fot next episode*

[space of about 2 minutes]

Ooooh…. coool.

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