Lost Season 4, Episode 7 – My thoughts

hmmm, Well, it was well done but overall, it didn’t seem as though all that much happened (not that that is necessarily a bad thing)JinSpoilers follow if you haven’t seen the episode…So, it was Michael on the boat – I can’t say that it was a surprise…. [where’s Walt though?]

aaand…. JIN DIES 😦 Well, he has been drink driving…. But, I don’t think that is what’s behind him being killed off [not this time…?]

Having both a flash forward and a flash back running in the same episode was used very well in order to conceal the fact that Jin is no longer present in the, well, the present… Clearly then, Sayid and Desmond’s friend on the boat was Michael and he is presumably the saboteur for reasons that aren’t exactly apparant.

Can’t really predict where the 8th episode will go – though, I suppose it wasn’t supposed to serve as a mini-finale. All I know is that there is a cliffhanger in it which I suppose would have been resolved by the next weeks episode BUT, due to the writers strike and the fact that they haven’t recorded any more episodes, we’ll have a long wait for episode 9 😦 I don’t remember whether its been said when it will come back on.

I severly hope that next weeks episode is good.


Edit: Is Jin actually dead? Thinking about it now, I’m not sure.

Also, its not too long of a wait for the 9th episode – it shows on April 24th.

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