Apple releases Boot Camp update – Version 2.1 (with 64 bit support)

Annoyingly, having just gone through an annoying install of Vista x64 (click), Apple has just released an updated version of the Boot Camp drivers / software which:

“addresses issues and improves compatibility with Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Windows Vista running on a Mac computer using Boot Camp. It is highly recommended for all Boot Camp users. ”

Click the appropriate link for the version of Windows you are running to download them:


Vista 32 bit

Vista 64 bit



Have just installed this – – you shouldn’t expect anything useful like the ability to tap-click on the touchpad [can’t someone mod an .inf file or something!?] or Wake on bloody LAN 😦

In fact, I haven’t noticed anything different at all.

According to a comment at TUAW though, it does fix the wireless [Apple] keyboard problem with the caps lock[e] 😛 which would be good, if this installation hadn’t broken my bluetooth…. *sigh*

Edit 2: I’ve just found out that this is the same version that was taken from the Mac Pro DVD, they just decided to release it for everyone now…. (?) So, the fact that it did nothing for me is not surprising… and it is unlikely that it fixed the wireless keyboard thing (though I am yet to try).

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3 Responses to Apple releases Boot Camp update – Version 2.1 (with 64 bit support)

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  2. Harry says:

    I just installed vista 64 bit on my macbook pro. And when i put in either the install disc that came with the laptop or a snow leopard disc is just says something about installing the macbook air dvd sharing. Im downloading this bootcamp thing now. My question is, how do I install this update? On a USB or something? Also Is there a newer version of this? I know now they have Boot camp 3.0, and ive installed with this. AM i missing something?

    • Josh says:

      That’s rather strange. The Snow Leopard disk contains a pretty up to date version of the boot camp drivers / software. Are you trying to install drivers to get the touchpad, keyboard etc working?

      If you are, you might want to try looking through the DVD and try running the 64 bit setup for the drivers from there. Sorry I’m being so vague it’s just I don’t have access to that right now and I can’t tell you what the file is called.


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