Lost Season 4, Episode 9 – My thoughts…

Well, as usual, it’s nice for Lost to be back and overall, this was quite a good episode.

As usual, spoilers follow in this badly ordered post if you are yet to see this episode…

So…. Ben and Widmore are playing some sort of weird game then….. a game in which they have rules that they can’t kill each other and their daughters. Presumably Ben saying that he stole Alex allowed that guy to kill her within the ‘rules’. Or perhaps the guy thought it was the only way to get Ben to pay attention.

Anywho, what happened after that was coool – Ben attacked them with Smokey! I really hope we get to find out what it is especially since he knows what it is. Ben turning up in the middle of the desert was interesting and he seemed to have been shot / hurt his arm [some sort of link to that bloke who always has different names in the Dharma videos? He has a prostetic arm and was involved in the time travel station]

It’s interesting that he ends up in October 2005 – the ‘present’ is in December 2004.

Michael Emerson is a really good actor. He exposes his emotions very well and is a great watch.

What exactly did Widmore mean by “that island’s mine Benjamin…”?

I really thought that Claire was going to die in this episode from the trailer… but from the Lost podcast, what happened to her in that episode ‘set’s up her story for the next few episodes (or years)’ if I recall correctly…

The freighters’ doctor washing ashore was weird and further adds to the WTF about time and the island if. And I wonder what is wrong with Jack?

Ben killing Penny would be very bad for Desmond and the lovely long distance relationship they’re in 😦

Till next week then.


Oh yeah… Is Roussoeu dead then? I really hope not; I think she has a good story to tell and I hope we get to see it.

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2 Responses to Lost Season 4, Episode 9 – My thoughts…

  1. Michael says:

    This was a crazy, revealing, clue-filled episode. I think I may be stumbling around some answers.

    And seriously…I was really looking forward to a Rosseau flashback…then they just went and killed her off!

  2. chanty says:

    Chanty says : I absolutely agree with this !

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