Backup your Blog!

Since one of my friend’s blog was deleted (and with no explanation of why), he has had to create a new one, I feel it is necessary to backup my blog in the fullest manner possible.

You may already have copies of your posts from when you wrote them or sitting in your RSS readers etc…. But I think the best way of backing up as much of your [wordpress] blog as possible is by following the steps below:

  1. Go to your WordPress dashboard
  2. Click on Manage and then Export
  3. Click at the bottom
  4. Choose somewhere to save the file on your computer; keep the file safe.

You should repeat this process as often as you feel is necessary, ultimately it is up to you how often you backup.

I cannot guarantee that this will work. This back’s up your posts, tags and comments however, there may be some complications with restoring it that I have not foreseen. I am not responsible for any losses!

In order to restore from your backup, you need to go to your dashboard, click manage and then import. Select WordPress and give it the latest backup file.


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Blogger, Lost fanatic, RHUL Comp Sci student, geek. 
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