Good luck, smartphones. The better, cheaper iPhone lands July 11th with 3G & GPS…

Apple finally revealed the iPhone 3g!

Software is the same but it has

  • 3G Data Speeds
  • GPS (which also combines cell-tower and WiFi positioning from before)
  • Awesome battery life (see pic below)
  • A very good price

I think the phone market just got dominated.

More details to follow.

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3 Responses to Good luck, smartphones. The better, cheaper iPhone lands July 11th with 3G & GPS…

  1. Maxwell says:

    Dominated no way

  2. Josh says:

    Yeh, Sony Ericsson is doing very well for itself, isn’t it?

    Perhaps they spent too much money on hiding the interface to Windows Mobile because it’s horrible and they’re ashamed to be using it.

    Or was it that they kept increasing the number of megapixels in the cameras without changing the lens or anything to actually make it worth while?

    Anyway, I have no real problem with Sony Ericsson, or any other manufacturer. Just saying that it is likely that Apple will shift a lot more iPhones than other smartphones out there on the market and that is good in some ways; and bad in others. But that’s for another time….


  3. Maxwell says:

    Apple overestimated how many iphone they would sell. O2 and carephone warehouse were well under the quotes for the amount they had to sell. Iphone 3g is out of date allready. 2 megapixel camera you had one of them on the k700i how long ago was that. Why do yopuhave to pay for it. Phone companies subsidies the phone they sell so you do not have to pay for them. The contract is allso not very good. Orange used to the shitest but now they are the best. 600mins unlimited texts and unlimited data for £30. £21 in my case.
    PS you know I love you lol

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