Very badly handled, O2……

So, I woke at about 11 o’ clock this morning to find a text on my phone from O2 telling me that the iPhone pre-ordering process began at 8am this morning! Seems like good news, right?

Wrong. Very very wrong….. Of course, I went straight to the site [] and, at that time I was presented with a maintenance page saying that the store was currently down and to try again later. Great start, this.

A few refreshes later and I’m presented with a rather comprehensive form asking for my phone number, account number, dob, address, head size, card information, inside leg measurements, which tariff I wanted, which phone I wanted [not to mention that the white 16GB isn’t available, not that I wanted it; but of course, others do].

Having filled in the form, I submitted it and let out a small sigh of relief before being presented with a message telling me “An error has occurred. We apologize for the inconvenience, please try again”


After many failed attempts at filling in that form and also being presented with an unnecessarily-fancy AJAX page at random which took my phone number and sent me a code by text that I had to put into the next box that never bloody appeared…. I got a message thanking me for my order and that said something along the lines of “we’ll contact you if any of the information you provided was incorrect”….. No confirmation text or email…. no confirmation number. All very reassuring.

So, here I am – not really sure whether my order form really got where it was meant to and eagerly awaiting Thursday for either the text telling me my phone has been dispatched or further information on the iPhone which, as of about 1:30 is out of stock for ordering online. *sigh*


Edit: Thursday – 8 PM — Got a couple of emails yesterday evening telling me my order was being processed but it didn’t ship today. Then got called at about 6 PM tonight  with a guy saying we’re out of stock for release day, but you are guaranteed one by the 18th.

I think I’m off to an O2 store in the morning to see if I can nab one… if not, I’ll just wait till next week.

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