Bungie Day – 2008

Well, tomorrow being the seventh of July means it is Bungie Day!


As was announced earlier last week, we’ll be getting a new map for free – Cold Storage; a remake of a Halo: Combat Evolved map entitled Chillout.

And, just like last year, we get a free theme and some gamer pictures which I hadn’t expected until tomorrow. But, THEY’RE AVAILABLE NOW… GOGOGO!

The theme, as I expected features a picture of the Superintendant (which no-one really know’s anything about! Pictured Below.)


And the Xbox Live blade has an arm with some lightening bolts and some what-is-presumably Latin saying “NON FACETE NOBIS CALCITRARE VESTRVM PERINEVM” — see comments for what this likely means


Also, one of the gamer pictures is a fish and the System Blade has a fish on the right and a fish in a bottle!?!?!?


Looking forward to tomorrow…. hopefully it will bring some answers to all these questions.

Comment with any predictions on what tomorrow will bring!


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9 Responses to Bungie Day – 2008

  1. Anthony says:

    Oh yeah free map download tomorrow from bungie, can’t remember what it is called but from the preview it looks cool.

  2. Anthony says:

    You need to have the legendary map pack to play it online though… But it is going down to 400 I think tomorrow also.

  3. Josh says:

    Yeah, it’s called Cold Storage, as I said in the post :p

    Yeah, you need to have the Legendary Map Pack (which is going down to 600 points tomorrow!) & the Heroic pack in order to play it in matchmaking but you can always play it in a custom game.


  4. Clarkykestrel says:

    Hai Josh.

    I did just say this to you on the phone but by posting it on here I am sharing my discovery with the larger Halo community.

    Bungie have posted an article on the Bungie blog talking about the theme and gamerpics available on the xbox live marketplace: http://www.bungie.net/News/content.aspx?type=news&cid=14619
    However in this post they neither depict or mention the gamerpic available of the superintendent.
    Strange me thinks. What will it all mean? A hint to a future Bungie project or mearly a replacement for Mister Chief now Frankie has left? Hopefully by the end of the day all will be clear.

    Oh yes and Happy Bungie Day to you all!

  5. Clarkykestrel says:

    The general consensus is that “NON FACETE NOBIS CALCITRARE VESTRVM PERINEVM” translates too “DON’T MAKE US KICK YOUR ASS”
    Nice work on the first picture you picked then Josh even if you didn’t know at the time.


  6. Josh says:

    Yeah, based on the fact that Shishka posted this


    Almost definitely confirms that NON FACETE NOBIS CALCITRARE VESTRVM PERINEVM = Don’t Make Us Kick Your Ass

    Very coincidental that I chose that picture, eh? 🙂

  7. zootamok says:

    Tahnks for posting

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  9. If only I had a dollar for each time I came to blog.andersonshatch.com! Great post.

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