WordPress for iPhone

Preliminary thoughts on the WordPress iPhone client:
It’s ok.

A way to view blog stats would be nice since the graph doesn’t show up in Safari.
You should be able to see / moderate comments in it.
Landscape mode is a must for the next version – the keys are much bigger that way.
Some more formatting options e.g. being able to bullit point this list!
Having the ability to search for images on the web from within the app would be more convenient.
And, as far as I can see, you can only add pictures to the bottom of posts *goes to computer to move* 😦


And yes, I could probably have found a more suitable picture for this post but I searched wordpress and found a Halo-Wordpress logo which looks cool! — I wonder why it was made?

About Josh Anderson

Blogger, Lost fanatic, RHUL Comp Sci student, geek. 
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