Dharma Labels for your fridge

As a Lost fan, stumbling upon this a while ago was very cool – – people have made Dharma logo’s for quite a few products that you might have in your fridge / cupboards.

Click either of the pictures above in order to see a list of printable labels (in PDF).

Wouldn’t it be cool to ‘sabotage’ someone’s kitchen by covering everything in these?

Initially they’d probably be like “WTF!?” and then (only if they’re a Lost fan), something along the lines of “Coooool”

On another note, Season 5 of Lost begins in approximately 182 days.


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Blogger, Lost fanatic, RHUL Comp Sci student, geek. 
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3 Responses to Dharma Labels for your fridge

  1. captain says:

    According to google safe browsing, the maxpictures site you host your images on is a major purveyor of malware, and installs malicious software on web browsers’ computers without their consent! Bummer

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