iPhone 3G – The drop test

Wasn’t something I was intending to do but I have now dropped my 3G iPhone and it still works! Yay.

Dropped it from the height of around 1 metre whilst *slightly ;)* drunk.

To be honest I was surprised that the screen didn’t smash; all it has done is made a couple of marks on the bottom where it landed on the pavement. Not a big deal, by any means.

My best attempt at photographing the damage is shown to the right ->

Just out of interest though, I looked to see how much a new back would be; without spending too much time on it, the cheapest I found was £40 (about $80) which I think is a bloody rip off!

Also, some of the components are housed inside the back part so ultimately, it really isn’t worth the bother.

My iPhone lives to fight another day!


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1 Response to iPhone 3G – The drop test

  1. Kailin Yap says:

    Lucky you..I dropped my iPhone 3G twice and both times the screen went white out on me.First repair cost $200 to fix the connection and second another $180 to change the LCD screen. And the first was dropped from about a 1m table and second was flung out of my bag when i yanked something else out and it got caught. =( hence i’ve given up on using the iphone since i’m a serial phone dropper and the repair will one day cost me more than the phone itself…

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