Breaking Bad Season 5, Episode 12 – My thoughts…

Breaking Bad S5E12 Walt with a gun

Well. We didn’t start this episode exactly where we left off last week, instead, we’re left with Walt sneaking into his house… unexpectedly, he finds it soaked in petrol, but Jesse’s nowhere to be seen. Walt seems to have no idea where he’s disappeared to, but he’s got to cover this up and comes up with a ludicrous story to explain why the living room smells of gas. So, what happened to Jesse?

Before we get to that, the Whites head to a hotel until the house is cleared up, Walt meets Saul outside, and he suggests putting Jesse down. (Number-of-people-who-want-Jesse-dead:1)

Skyler sees through Walt’s rubbish cover story, and Walt explains that Jesse was behind the attempt to burn their house down. Though he only ‘flew off the handle’ and ‘changed his mind’ which is why their house is still standing.
Surprisingly, Walt admits to Skyler that he actually did something to cause this, but unsurprisingly he doesn’t go into details on what it was. Skyler argues that Jesse should be killed off too ‘What’s one more’ when we’ve come this far? (Number-of-people-who-want-Jesse-dead:2)

Breaking Bad S5E12 - Hank and Jesse

Now, onto the bit we were waiting for — Jesse’s about to drop a match, setting the house alight and in bursts Hank. He’s been following Jesse since he left Saul’s. After some talking down (or, really, just a further breakdown,) Jesse’s willing to cooperate this time, and records a tape going over everything he and Walt have done.

We’ve missed what would have been an interesting scene somewhere along the way, because Hank’s partner Gomie is there, to watch Jesse revealing everything. Hank must’ve told him that Walt is Heisenberg at least (I doubt the whole DEA, as it would surely be much more formal)

Hank’s plan after all this? Get Jesse to go meet Walt, just like he wants him to, but set him up with a wire, and hopefully catch some real evidence from Walt. Who cares if Jesse might die from going. (Number-of-people-who-want-Jesse-dead:3)

So, Jesse gets wired up and heads to the meet with Walt; unfortunately, for Hank really, there’s a bald man just standing in front of Walt on the bench. Jesse freaks out thinking Walt was indeed going to have him killed and has a new plan — ‘Next time I’m going to get you where you really live’.
Surely that can only be his family, or his pride, really?
Breaking Bad S5E12 Walt waiting for Jesse

And finally, ding-ding-ding-ding! Number-of-people-who-want-Jesse-dead:4 — Walt has another job for Todd’s uncle (the guy who setup the prison killings). Oh dear. It’s not looking good at the moment. Perhaps Hank will have to change his stance on protecting Jesse for a while.

Until next week! It still feels like we have quite a way to go until the forward-flashes we’ve seen. 4 left.


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