Is the iPod Classic dead?

Yes, I know it’s just been ‘updated’ along with the iPod nano & touch. But you can’t surely say that that was an upgrade?

It’s exactly the same! WITH LESS SPACE.

Prior to today you could buy an 80GB or a 160GB iPod Classic in black or white. Now, it’s 120GB (in black or white) or nothing.

And it’s no different; the nano got all the newness: the new software, the accellerometer, the new design….

The software on the iPod Classic seems to be exactly the same as the previous one; it doesn’t even appear to have been given Genius like the touch, nano & iPhone. Admittedly, it could be added later with a software upgrade but it seems weird that they didn’t want it as a launch feature.

Jobs admitted that the iPod Classic is the one that started off the iPod range and that in itself probably means it is here to stay, but perhaps it is not the highest priority because the other models sell more?

Only time will tell whether the iPod classic will stick around; the only selling point that I think it has at the moment is the larger storage space (I’m sure many have more than 32GB of music or want to use it as portable storage) and the fact that it is by far the cheapest per GB.


EDIT: According to this, the iPod classic will “eventually get an update to enable Genius playlists”

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