Bungie Countdown finishes – reveals trailer – “Halo 3 Prepare to drop”

EDIT: For a longer version of this trailer which was shown at the Tokyo Games Show, look here

After the countdown finished at 07:07AM PDT, Bungie.net revealed a teaser trailer for the next game they’re bringing out. OK no-one knows what the trailer was for, just go and watch it!!!

The description for the video from the marketplace: “High action and deep mystery await players in this new Halo 3 campaign experience. Prepare to drop!”
We can haz new campaign levels???

You can see it here GOGOGOGOGO

Click on any of the pictures below for bigger versions.




Don't think water...


Yes, it's upside down, that's how it was in the video!

Yes, it's upside down, that's how it was in the video!

Possible release date? It's Possible. Not confirmed though.

Possible release date? It


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4 Responses to Bungie Countdown finishes – reveals trailer – “Halo 3 Prepare to drop”

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  2. Those Pods look like orbital drop pods the spartan III’s used in Ghosts Of Onyx to assault the reactor fueling station. What i’m saying is we may be looking at more spartans in gameplay than before, if this becomes an actual game.

  3. Josh says:

    It’s possible. Though anything is with the amount of information they gave us; we need more! There’s conflicting views on whether it’s a new game or an expansion…..

    But ummm, they could be ODST’s also. There’s been rumours for ages that Bungie’s been doing a squad based game…. would work with Spartans too though.

    Who knows.


  4. the only reason i said that is bungie has been working closely with the authors of the books,and the two story lines usually go hand in hand

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