Halo 3 Auto / Title Update 2 to be released on the 23rd

Bungie confirmed today that Title Update 2 for Halo 3 will go out on Tuesday the 23rd;

This’ll introduce individual ranks for each playlist, the new achievements and the playlist changes and, as I’ve written about these before; if you want to know about them, click here..

The new achievements can be seen on Bungie.net now; but one won’t appear work until Halo 3’s one year anniversary on the 25th – is it one we haven’t seen / been told about? It’s the one where you have to finish the last level with the Iron scull on, in 4 player co-op with all of you in Ghosts.

There’s 10 new spoken-about achievements which you can get now and 20 which haven’t been mentioned (because you need to have the Mythic map-pack which hasn’t been announced yet.) You can see what the others are here.

Bungie.net has had a few upgrades as of today. For instance, now both ranked and social kills by weapon etc. are shown on one screen and you are able to compare your career stats with someone else’s. (as shown in the picture)

The weekly update which was a day early ended with this:

“Outtro in Go Minor

Earlier this summer, my bipolar, crazy landlord told me, “The night is darkest just before the dawn.”
Dawn is about to break.”

Does this suggest something is very close? I think so. EDIT: look here

Could we see something on the 25th? It’s a definate possiblity. The announcement of the next Bungie game!?!? By this time next week we may already know………


Don’t get your hopes up though, you never know when Microsoft will spoil the fun 😉

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