Premium Gears 2 DLC, is it wanted already?

This morning I woke to see the news that George Bush had had shoes thrown at his face there was a new map pack available for Gears of War 2 which costs 800 MS points.

My initial thought when seeing this was “Why?”

Of course, for such a high-calibre game like Gears 2, DLC was inevatible; but should it have come this soon?

Gears 2 has been less of a success than I’m sure they could have hoped for, not with sales, but with multiplayer and Xbox Live popularity – it only remained the most played game on Xbox Live for three weeks; far less than the original Gears.

Primarily, I think this is due to the fact that there have been hideous problems with actually getting into a game. I’ve only been able to get into two, one which was okay and the other which was extremely laggy and ended premeturely. Other than that, I have just spent large amounts of time waiting to be matched into a game only to be rewarded with nothing until I eventually give up.

I’m not alone. Epic has already released a title update which was supposed to help with this issue (I can’t say that it achieved it’s objective though 😦 )

So, for me new maps for Gears really isn’t enticing, I’ve not even seen all the one’s that it came with! And personally I don’t see these new maps bringing people back to Gears 2 multiplayer; perhaps fixing the matchmaking?


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