New Lost Season 5 trailer!

With The Fray in it…..


It has to be said, it looks like it’s gonna be an EPIC season of Lost.

I’m glad Desmond features heavily in it; I was wondering how much we would see of him (even if the bits in the trailer seem to be old footage).

I’ve seen a theory that events on the island in that trailer (Juliet uncovering a window in the ground & Daniel being confronted by a guy in a yellow suit with a gun) could be that the island has ‘reset’ to a time in the past and therefore that the window is the hatch (from season 2), and the guy is Kelvin.

It’s possible for Lost, I suppose. But I don’t know how likely it is…. especially as Lost is often far from predictable.

52 days 😀

Your thoughts on the trailer? (including The Fray)…


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