Lost Season 5 Premiere – My thoughts…

LOST is back! Yay. Two part premiere, first episode entitled “Because you Left” & second: “The Lie”


Spoilers follow! [if you haven’t seen it]


Mind Fuck!

This is one of those episodes which clearly needs more episodes to allow us to fully understand what’s going on…

What’s Ben’s real agenda?

Why won’t we Jack & Ben find out what happened to those left on the island if they are going back?

It looks as though Desmond will have a big part; woo!

Who is that baby from the very beginning? – the kid of Dr. Marvin Candle — someone we know?

So….. If Ben doesn’t get Hurley back to the island, it seems as though something verrry bad will happen to everyone — at least according to the old woman from Desmond flashbacks who seems to be involved with Ben and time.

Looks like Charlotte is gonna need to sort out a constant; or the island needs to stop moving them or itself in time!

Locke turning up and saving Sawyer & Juliet was awesome; very enjoyable.

So Locke has to get off the island, convince people to come back with him, die and then be taken back to the island in order to save everyone else! Will he come back to life when he gets back to the island!?

This brings me onto Christian Shephard (Jack’s Dad) — is he actually alive and not just a vision? [like Ana Lucia, who I totally never expected to see ever again!] Could he have come alive when in the past and moved forward in time?

Ana & Hurley S05E01

Faraday. At the beginning with Dr. Candle! He actually moved through time, surely! Oh yeah, and did he know that it was gonna be Desmond in the hatch or not? I think he looked in his journal before so perhaps he did. Though, unless he changed the past, he knows a lot about what he has to do!

Very confusing. Lots and lots of questions! But a VERY good start to a new season. 🙂


Afterthought: As expected, Claire is nowhere to be seen 😦

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1 Response to Lost Season 5 Premiere – My thoughts…

  1. Clarkykestrel says:

    Well if we do know the Child of Halliwax (Dr Candle, as you’ve called him) there are only 3 logical possibilities; Sun, Jin and talks to the dead guy (fuck, I still can’t remember his name)

    Seeing as it was suspected Ana Lucia’s actress was killed off due to a drink driving charge in the real world isn’t it ironic that she returned to the show by pulling Hurley over for dangerous driving.

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