Lost Season 5, Episode 7 – My thoughts…

Another awesome episode…. It’s shaping up to be a very good season in my opinion.

locke-s5e07Spoilers follow if you haven’t seen it…

Well, based on the name of this episode (The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham), I presumed that this episode would be all flashbacks based on Locke off the island up until the point when he died.

You might say that I was partially right; As expected, Locke is alive in the present and on the island  – YAY.

Interesting that it seems he and Ben aren’t in the same time zone as the Oceanic 5 and Juliet, Sawyer, Daniel et al. They seem to be in the time zone of the 316 crash. And my presumption is that the Oceanic 5 et al are in the time of Dharma’s prime.

Anywho… back to what happened in this episode. The person I didn’t expect to see again in this episode was Matthew Abaddon; sure, I expected to see him again but I didn’t think he would play such a relatively large part before being fucking gunned down by Ben!

This episode added further confusion to the Widmore / Ben thing…. Widmore made a good point – Locke could not say that Widmore had tried to have him killed, but he can certainly say that for Ben…. and later in the episode he kills Locke who remains dead for a few hours!


His [Ben’s]  justification: Widmore was just using you to get back to the island and then he would have killed you.

Hmmmm…… well, there’s no point in me even trying to say which one should be trusted because Lost doesn’t make it easy for you to call it.

The beginning scene was quite well disguised — I thought it was a flashback or something.

It seems as though we know who was shooting at Charlotte, Daniel, Juliet, Sawyer, Miles & Locke a few episodes ago…. the 316 survivors…. Who evidently crashed on the other little island that was a large part in season 3.

Locke’s attempt to kill himself was a really emotional scene… it was done really well.

It’s surprising that Ben seemed to know about Elouise [Ms] Hawking and yet he needed Locke to tell him before it clicked in his head that this was the way he would be able to get back…. Once Locke had revealed that information, in Ben’s eyes he was no longer needed and it seemed that Ben genuinely thought he wouldn’t see Locke again. I await his reaction when he realizes he is still alive (and when they realize what time zone they are in etc.)

More to say, of course. But time constraints and a lack of organised thoughts leave me, and this post here. Next weeks ep is called “LaFleur” and after that there’s gonna be a one week break. 😦


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