Lost Season 5, Episode 6 – My thoughts…

ms-hawking-faraday-s05e06Spoilers follow if you haven’t seen it.

For reasons I’m not entirely sure how to describe, I thought this episode was epically awesome.

The Oceanic 65 are back on the island!…. or at least, 3 that we know of made it there.

On that note…. what the hell did Kate do with Aaron!? Yeah, the kid is probably a bit of a production headache, and Claire told Kate to not take him back to the island…. But I hope we get an explanation of what happened to him…. Him and Sun’s baby who she doesn’t seem to care about right now.

Clearly that bloke who was at the airport and spoke to Jack and was then on the plane is going to play a larger part in the future story…. he just seemed so conveniently placed.

Another thing I’d like explained – How did Hurley know to go there? Somebody dead from the island talk to him again?

I really hope we get to see more of Locke in the time when he’s off the island. And, though I haven’t watched the trailer for the next episode, the name for it perhaps implies what it will be  about.


Ben had a good line in this episode: Jack: “How can you read?”. Ben: “My mother taught me” 🙂

I also liked Jack talking to Locke.

Anywho… Sayid. Did he attack Ben and get arrested for it? If that’s the case then why does that allow him to be on the flight?

Jin and the rest of the people on the island — stuck in Dharma-time since Locke replaced the wheel?

Didn’t expect to see Lapidus again. His reaction to seeing the Oceanic 5 was cool — “We’re not going to Guam, are we?”

Anywho…. ’twas a very good episode and it left me with little to say, which is quite strange really.


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