Lost Season 5, Episode 9 – My thoughts…


Spoilers follow if you haven’t seen it

Something about this episode made it feel… Transitional. That’s not a bad thing. It’s important to set the scene and get people in place properly. It was a pretty good episode overall.

As I predicted, Locke, Sun, Ben, LaPedus and the 316 survivors are in a different time, well, decade to the Oceanic 5 (srsly, where’s Aaron!?) and Sawyer etc.,christian-sun-lapedus-s05e09

I wonder where Daniel went? They brushed over it but hopefully it’s one of the questions that will be answered. And I’m still hoping to find out what he was doing at the Orchid station as seen at the beginning of the season.

They did a really good job of casting the young Ben. Sure, we’ve seen him before but he seems to have developed some of his more sinister characteristics already. His eyes. It really does look like him.

What would the hostiles have done if they found out where the Swan was being built? Surely they would have found out when building started anyway??

Christian Shepherd saying “You’ve got a long journey ahead of you” to Sun was interesting. As was that whole scene. Was there something to the smoke in the background?
I wonder whether it’ll be Sun (and hopefully Locke & Ben) who go back in time somehow or Jack, Kate… Going back to ‘their’ time zone.

I’m also curious as to who boarded up Dharmaville? It wasn’t like that when Ben left.

Juliet, Sawyer AND Kate; that’d be awesome. At least in my head; minus the Sawyer, but it makes more sense as a sentence to have him there.

Looks as though Sawyer will have a hard time trying to get Sayid integrated with the Dharma initiative…. I wonder what’ll happen with him.

This episode needs moar Locke! I hope he’s gonna be seen in the next episode (which is entitled “He’s our you”).

I’m sure I had more things to say after I watched this rather good episode, but it’s been a few hours since I watched this and the majority of it was written on my iPhone whilst I was in the car. Also, I have a headache, so this is all you’re getting for now. Crazy sentences about Sawyer included.


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