Lost Season 5, Episode 11 – My thoughts…


Spoilers follow if you haven’t seen it yet

Well, at least we have finally had a resolution to the Aaron storyline.

Like the person that commented on my post about last weeks episode, I too enjoyed the discussion about time travel between Hurley and Miles. I’m sure it confused some, helped others and just made some most people laugh.

The woman in the grocery store (I had to resist writing supermarket straight away) who looked as though she was taking Aaron away with her…. She was a little suspicious, me thinks. Perhaps there was nothing to it and it was just as she said…. But it seemed weird.

So, Ben didn’t die as a kid and time works as we expected. Yay(?)ben-and-richard-s05e11

The question Hurley asked Miles about Ben seemingly not remembering being shot by Sayid was resolved by Richard saying that Ben wouldn’t ever be the same and that he would forget this incident so Miles’s explanation about time holds true…
One has to wonder what is inside the temple that fixed Ben and also ‘took his innocence’ at the same time.

It seems as though the writers are trying to pass off Ben’s entire personality in the future as a result of what happened to him in the temple; fair enough, I suppose, but it wasn’t something I wanted explaining.

Locke at the end – I seriously hope that we see more of him in the next episode (entitled “Dead is Dead”).

Well…. ummmmm. This episode was highly Kate oriented and yet I have nothing to say about her. Hmmm.

One thing I did notice about this episode though: Jack was able to control the volume of his voice!! Congratulations, Matthew, perhaps you’re finally learning how to speak lololol.

With that, I leave you until next week…. Which, by reading one sentence written by ack-attack, I expect to be good.


Oh yeah: Why no Faraday in that episode which was titled with something he said not too long ago!? Need MOAR FARADAY and DESMOND and LOCKE!

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