Lost Season 5, Episode 13 – My thoughts…


Spoilers follow if you haven’t seen it…

So….. I’m gonna start off with something from the end of the episode – DANIEL!


Yes, I probably do go on about him a little too much, but as he said “Long time no see”. I’d say it’s fairly likely that next week’s episode [it’s in two weeks time 😦 recap week.] the next episode “The Variable” will be a Daniel episode. Episodes in which he features largely have been rather awesome, especially “The Constant”. Thus, I expect good things.

Anywho… So, it was a Miles flashback episode…. That’s his first full episode as he’s only had a brief flashback before with Charlotte and Dan. I thought it was a pretty good episode. Sure, not a great deal happened, but there was at least one answer revealed for us viewers — Miles IS the kid of Pierre Chang / Marvin Candle.

That “Do you know what lies in the shadow of the statue” thing from the last episode…. it seems to play a larger part than I expected it to. And, in the fairly regular Lost way, Miles was kidnapped by that dude from last weeks episode [another previous ‘coincidental’ connection] who crashed on the island with Ajira flight 316.

One has to wonder what made Ghostbuster-dude’s parents move away from the island taking Miles with them… Presumably it was the very same thing that meant Charlotte ended up off the island too. Saying that though, I’m assuming Candle/Chang dies on the island or something… and that’s why he didn’t get to raise Miles.

Long time no see indeed.

Long time no see indeed.

Yet again, rather amazingly, it seemed Jack was able to control the volume of his voice…. What, have they been teaching him some acting skillz!? Seriously though, at the moment he’s being rather boring and keeping quiet; appreciatively, that fits in with him not wanting to get his or, their cover(s) blown…. but I’m amazed to say that I miss laughing at his shouty outbursts. I also don’t think there were any Jears in that episode!!

I definitely want to find out about Miles’ power; perhaps his dad has the same ability, and that’s why he wants the corpses taken to the Orchid? Or was that just so he could be buried under a building? It seems as though they’re not aware of the magnetic anomaly that the island has… or that they’re not careful enough about it, as that random guy got killed by his own filling as a result of it.

I’ve gone through this whole post without a mention of Star Wars…. I feel I should at least type those two words…. it did play a fairly large part in this episode and it was another awesome moment for Hurley, in my opinion. Not as good as the Back to the Future bits though.

Two weeks till our next fix of Lost then….


Oh yeah… the numbers being stamped on the hatch…. surely they knew it was more than a “serial number”??

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