Lost Season 5, Episode 14 – My thoughts…

HOLY SHIT.faraday-s05e14
Spoilers follow if you haven’t seen it…

Faraday’s back…. but unfortunately it seems not for long!!! 😦 😦 😦

That was….. interesting.
For the first time this whole season I didn’t expect the end of the episode to be so soon… Of course, it was a natural ending….. Sawyer & Juliet caught out, Faraday DEAD 😦 and well…. crazy times..

I really hope that they don’t end up erasing their past which will be in the future… cos that could end with them on 815 landing in LA. That’d be a horrible outcome. Hopefully, since this has been discussed on screen, its unlikely to happen…. So far I don’t see anything to suggest that Daniel’s ‘Whatever Happened, Happened’ doesn’t still apply.

I wonder why Elouise / Ms Hawking for the first time ever, doesn’t know what’s going to happen? That poses the question… How did she know what was going to happen before?

Shot. By my own mother! You bitch.

Shot. By my own mother! You bitch.

Also, that scene from back in Season 4, when Daniel was introduced — we still don’t have an explanation for why he seems emotionally connected to Oceanic 815. Something like his him having jumped in time at some point but not being aware of it??

How is it that in the minds of Sawyer, Juliet, Miles and Hurley, the plan to simply start again at the old beach would result in them not being bothered by the Dharma folk…? An unrealistic plan, I thought. Good job they got caught already.

Desmond going to the hospital…. It’s not clear to me what the point in showing that was. He seemed perfectly fine when he got up and beat the sh*t out of Ben.

Anywho… Only 3 episodes left, 2 of which make up the finale so I suppose you could consider the next one (“Follow the Leader” — sounds as though we’ll be seeing Ben, don’t ya think?) as the penultimate episode of this season. Unfortunately, Lost-Pedia suggests that after that one there will be ANOTHER recap episode. I hope that isn’t true….. But they’re frequently right.


Faraday 😦

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