Lost Season 6, Episode 5 – My thoughts…

Hmm…. Not quite as good as last weeks episode, but interesting no less.

So, Jack has a kid and surprise surprise, their relationship isn’t that great. He seems not to remember his appendectomy occurring (which happened when he was 7 or 8, in the side-flashes, and not-so-long ago in the standard timeline); which is rather strange since he also was looking at that weird cut on his neck in the first episode and didn’t seem to know anything about it.

Here’s something a little odd: Jack’s mum (or mom, if you must) says that David (Jack’s son) was upset at the funeral….. Whose funeral though?? They don’t have Christian’s body yet, surely they wouldn’t have gone ahead with the funeral? I suppose there’s a chance it was a mistake, but, I suppose we’ll find out eventually. If we don’t, I’ll just assume they were talking about Christian.

Meanwhile, Claire has  definitely lost it. She’s replaced her baby with a creepy skull,  she’s now friends with Mocke/Smokey/… and is convinced (having been told by Mocke) that the temple-folk stole her baby. Also, when Jin tells her the truth that Aaron was taken off the island by Kate, she doesn’t believe him and says if that’s true she’d have to kill Kate… Infections these days, eh?

Shouty Jack, the Shoutiest Doctor in the West™

Mocke and Claire are off to the temple, it would seem and Jacob made sure Hurley and Jack weren’t there; instead, they’re at his weird lighthouse which contains a mirror that, when pointed to certain degrees seemingly shows images of people’s lives. Also, each degree is mapped to a ‘candidate’. Very strange indeed. Having seen his childhood home, Jack gets angry and smashes the magical mirrors and buggers off outside to stare at the ocean. Apparently though, that was Jacob’s plan all along — to make Jack realize how important he is.

What Dogen said in Japanese, in response to Hurley saying he can do whatever he wants was apparently “You’re lucky that I have to protect you. Otherwise I’d have cut your head off.”
Nice, huh? I wonder if he has to protect Hurley because he already knows he’s a candidate or if it’s just because he was on one of Jacob’s lists?

Well, next week’s episode is called “Sundown” and if it follows the same pattern, (same character-centric episodes as season 1), it’ll be a Sun / Jin centric episode.


“He turns up whenever he wants. He’s like Obi-Wan Kenobi” 🙂

I definitely could have taken screenshots of better things in this episode, but the fun you can have looking through Jack scenes in slow-mo is almost never ending 😛

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