Lost Season 6, Episode 4 – My thoughts…

Woah! In contrast to last weeks episode, this one was simply amazing!

I was left rather speechless after seeing this episode. It’s awesome…. but it’s difficult to say exactly why. Nice mythology-style episode.

So, Jacob has a list of the Losties who are apparent ‘candidates’ and each of them has a number next to them 😛
Locke was 4, now crossed out, Hurley was 8, Sawyer was 15, Sayid was 16, Jack was 23 and Kwon (Jin or Sun, I guess) are 42.

There were some people we recognize crossed out on there: Claire, Faraday, “Goodspeed” – Ethan, perhaps? & Charlie, to name a few.
Interestingly, there seems to be no mention of Kate on the mysterious rock — Perhaps it’s because she didn’t do what Jacob advised her to do as a child? i.e. Be good and stop stealing.

It seems rather logical to assume that Jacob isn’t wasn’t there to protect the island, but rather to prevent Smokey / Mocke / … from leaving the island. I wonder when he was a man, and what happened in order for him to become ‘trapped’?

Presently, it seems as though Sawyer is on his side, which currently seems to be the Dark side…

Ben was awesome in both dimensions, especially his speech at the funeral 😛

I wonder who that kid is… and whose message he’s giving. Also, why couldn’t Richard see him and Sawyer could? If you notice, when he appears first, he has blood all over both arms, whereas later, he doesn’t. Who knows what that means!

Mocke throwing the white stone out to sea and responding with “inside joke” when Sawyer asks what that was all about… ’twas quite funny. It’s clearly about the metaphor of light vs dark, as the original Locke pointed out by holding up two stones in the first season.

I wonder how any of the candidates are supposed to know what to do once Jacob’s dead? Perhaps Richard is supposed to tell them, but hasn’t had the chance yet? I’m hoping we’ll discover more about this.

In the alternate dimension Locke wasn’t having the best of times, but to be honest, it was really enjoyable to watch. Quite funny at times too.

There’s lots more to write about this episode, but I can’t think straight right now so this is it. Until next week, with the episode “Lighthouse”



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