Lost Season 6, Episode 8 – My thoughts…

This week, Lost fans can haz recon!

So, in alterna-world, Sawyer’s a cop. That makes it all the more strange that he let Kate go in the premiere episode of this season; and his reaction to seeing her in this one…. Must be that weird non-memory they seem to have of island events? Or at least that Jack seems to be having.

Widmore…. He’s… There to stop Mocke!? Hmmm

So, Locke admitted to Sawyer that he’s the “Smoke-thing” and he didn’t seem bothered at all. He just carried on treading his own path, leaving it unclear to us as to which side he’s actually on, if any, at the moment.

And Sawyer’s not after the plane, but the submarine. Because that’s clearly a piece of cake to pilot. 😛

Locke has mother issues; I suppose that will be touched on a bit more, he made out that it was important to shaping how he is.

Claire attacking Kate… that was sorta expected, but just apologizing and seemingly reverting back to the normal Claire after Mocke spoke with her was very strange.

Well, next week’s episode is called “Ab Aeterno” which apparently means “Since the beginning of time”


“Very insightful…. For a dead man”

“Well nobody’s perfect.” 😀

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