Lost Season 6, Episode 12 – My thoughts…


Ilana blew herself up!
Desmond ran Locke over!
Michael showed up!
Desmond got pushed down a well!
Hurley blew the Black Rock up!


Quite a lot happened in this episode, and finally, most people are together (although not Sun & Jin).

Desmond’s now down a well…. I wonder if there’s anyone down it too? When Locke went down the well he saw Christian Shephard. Still though, I wonder who’ll be coming to his rescue — Widmore and his people?

I wonder whether island-Desmond can see the future like he could last time he was exposed to electromagnetism — perhaps explaining why he’s so willing to go along with everything? He already knows what it results in…?

Alterna-Desmond is making people aware of their other existences, and perhaps that explains why he ran Locke down at the end. Him being on the ground like that was very reminiscent of the first season or when we saw him on the ground after being pushed out of the window, I don’t remember which in particular.

That weird kid was back from a few episodes ago; looking slightly different, but clearly still bothering Mocke. Desmond & Sawyer can see him, but not Richard…. I wonder who he is!?

The whispers were confirmed as dead people who can’t move on, including Michael who claimed it was because of what he did.

Next weeks is called “The Last Recruit”. Perhaps referring to the fact that Locke only needs Jin to ensure he has all of the candidates? Until then, then.


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